Ameri Immunization Keeps Majors Medical Services Staff Safe during COVID Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, getting tests for essential workers can be an overwhelming challenge. Covid-19 affects more than front line hospital workers in the medical field.


Essential workers who delivered medical supplies and equipment to people’s homes are in danger of spreading the virus as well.


Tiffany Daugherty, Director of Operations for Majors Medical Service in Fort Worth, oversees operations and staff for a company that supplies medical equipment to home-bound patients. To get her staff tested, she turned to Ameri Immunization for her COVID testing needs. “All at once, so many people were exposed, one right after the other, that we had to act fast,” she said.


Covid-19 Tests Increases Productivity


“Ameri Immunization helped me navigate Covid-19,” she said, “And they did all of our testing.” “They were so responsive to my needs, I put them on speed dial,” she said. Ameri conducted blood tests on-site, completed the paperwork and delivered the lab results by the same day. Due to their swift turnaround, employees lost little time at work.


“Honestly, they were just amazing,” said Daugherty.


When nasal swabs became available, Ameri Immunization opened several free drive-thru Covid-19 field testing centers. “I sent so many people to them and they never once turned a person away for not having insurance–the free tests kept people from having to quarantine for two weeks for no  reason,” she said.


Wellness Meetings Promote Good Health


With offices based in Dallas and Fort Worth, Majors has hired Ameri Immunization for their annual company-wide meetings for the past several years.


They administer yearly flu shots and vaccinations and are on call whenever the company needs drug tests, titers or other medical needs.  


“Whenever I call with a concern, no matter how weird or obscure it seems, they always find out the answer,” Tiffany stated. “They are a great source of information, and are discreet and professional in handling any situation.”


“I trust them and know when it’s in their hands, I don’t have to worry or circle back to make sure it gets handled—with Ameri Immunization, I know it will get done correctly. They are an amazing company.”


Ameri Immunization Covid-19 testing and wellness programs to companies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Call to book your consultation today!