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Health & Wellness Services

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COVID-19 Testing

Same day testing on-site or at drive-thru locations in Dallas-Ft. Worth:
• On-site testing centers for companies
• 5 drive-thru locations in DFW
• Fast and effective RT-PCR testing
• Open 7 days a week

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Immunizing, Vaccines and Titers

Licensed nurses administer immunizations to prevent the spread of illness and disease:
• Onsite flu clinic
• Immunizations for employees, students, medical staff and travelers
• Titers for nurses and medical students

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On-site Medical Testing

Screenings determine disease and/or drug use to ensure the health and safety of your organization:
• PPD testing for Tuberculosis
• Covid-19 PCR testing
• Drug testing

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COVID-19 Vaccines

Safe and effective vaccinations on-site or at drive-thru locations throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth.
• On-site vaccination centers
• Drive-thru vaccine locations
• Covid-19 vaccines certified by CDC
• Insured and non-insured accepted

Wellness Screenings

Wellness and prevention programs improve overall health and reduce medical costs:
• Pre-Employment/Physical Examinations
• Biometric testing
• BMI and blood pressure
• Height, weight, waist measurements
• Blood pressure and resting heart rate

Health and Safety Courses

Improve emergency response effectiveness for your employees:
• Heart Saver (HS) and First Aid/CPR
• HS First Aid/CPR and AED combo Class
• Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
• Blood-Borne Pathogen classes

General questions:

Our role is to prevent illness, disease and injury and lower the costs associated with sick leave, absenteeism, turnover rates and on-site emergency crisis.

We provide affordable on-site health care services, thoughtful medical care, and safety courses. Gain better health through knowledge, prevention and education.

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