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By: Dr. Monsoor Kazi
By: Dr. Monsoor Kazi
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Currently, the hottest topic around is COVID-19 and the need for a new vaccine for curing this disease.

This has a huge impact on both human health and global economies. The disease has caught many people by surprise and there aren’t any signs of it disappearing any time soon.

Managing The Outbreak

First, you have to take into account the nations economics and residents health conditions. These are the two things to take into account when making a risk assessment. Especially when it concerns how to handle the outbreaks and minimizing it’s impact on the world.

A Covid-19 vaccine is the best way to provide security to the people that have not yet succumb to the infection.

Vaccination can help (theoretically) end the pandemic. It can also provide people with long-term reassurance that their overall health risk to the corona virus could be reduced and even to potentially removed completely.

For more than a decade, our world-wide scientists have dealt with other major viruses that have lead to restricted outbreaks like the SARS and MERS viruses.

These viruses are controlled by outbreak management and quarantines just like the Covid-19 virus has been managed to date. Neither one has had a vaccine emerge in the many years that we have studied them.

However, for Ebola, licensed vaccines were conceived, as it was a different kind of outbreak virus. Ebola also helped to lead the way to the creation of organizations like Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. This helped lay the groundwork for what our scientists overcame when the vaccine needed for the corona virus came to light.

Vaccination For COVID-19 Is Necessary

Currently, there are more than 100 COVID-19 vaccines right at various stages of development and they are available for use in many easy forms.

It is also thought that individuals that have become sick due to the Covid-19 virus gain a benefit similar to a vaccination because their body already knows how to react to and fight off the virus. This does not make them immune, however.

There are multiple health risks concerned with the Covid-19 virus and there is still a chance of getting re-infected with the virus even if you have had it before.

It is advisable that people get the Covid-19 vaccine even though they have already been sick with the virus before.

This means the entire world needs to be vaccinated and the vaccine can not come to the public quick enough. At this time, various experts are still not sure how long an individual would be immune from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19.

The partial immunity one gets from having the infection is called “natural immunity” and that would vary from one person to another. Various studies show that natural immunity doesn’t last for a very long time and the body still is susceptible to another foreign attack.

Most medical research teams and experts are still not sure how long the immunity provided by the vaccine’s that are being released to the public now will last. For that, a proper vaccine is required and more data is needed for testing the new strings of vaccines coming out. It does help, but for how long?

That does not mean that you should not take a vaccine, as both “vaccine-induced” immunity and “natural immunity” are necessary aspects of the COVID-19 fight and experts are still trying to learn more, as the vaccines are administered.

Covid-19 Vaccines Prepare Your Body to Fight The Current Outbreak

By getting vaccinated, you can easily avoid getting sick with the Covid-19 flu. Most of the people suffering from Covid-19 end up with a mild illness, however others will contract serious illnesses and on occasion it can even lead to death.

There is no way to know how the COVID-19 will affect you, even though you might not be one of the ones who have increased risk of sever suffering from the virus, such as people who have predefined conditions that put their bodies at a higher risk of infections.

If you are sick, then you could end up spreading the disease to family, friends, and others that are around you while you are ill. A COVID-19 vaccination would help our body in creating the antibody response to the virus without experiencing any kind of sickness due to the vaccine.

A COVID-19 Vaccination Is the Best Tool For Stopping Pandemic

Of course, social distancing and wearing masks do lower the chances of getting exposed to the virus and spreading it to others. However, such measures are not enough. Vaccinations will help your body assist your immune system in case of exposure. When the vaccinations are ready, you should go to a vaccination location and take the medication as soon as you are able.

The combination of getting vaccinated and following the recommendation of the medical health centers and the department will help to secure your health and the health of others.

Get Tested for the Covid-19 Virus Immediately

We recently started doing tests for the Coronavirus at two of our testing locations. One is in Richardson and one is in Lewisville with goals to open even more locations around the DFW area to make this service as accessible as possible to the public. 

If you have insurance, your insurance will cover the cost of this service in most cases. If you do not have insurance, but are a US citizen – then the government will cover the cost of your testing for most people. So, insured or not – this is a great time for you to receive a test from one of our licensed professionals without any out of pocket expenses to you.

For more information on when and where this test is available, please contact us or you can book your appointment online right now by CLICKING HERE.