Employee wellness programs are aimed at maintaining and improving employee health for a better work environment. Some employers offer preventative health screenings such as flu vaccinations, TB testing and biometric screening, which encourage employees to be healthier and to ensure the workplace as a whole promotes and encourages the good health of the employees in the workplace. These wellness programs hope to improve employee health while seeing benefits for the employer too. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The Benefits of Wellness Programs

First, lower health care costs occur as a result of the employee participation in these employee wellness programs. This is because the applicable biometric screening records benchmarks that can track positive health changes can make someone aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle, become less at risk for disease, leading to lower costs to the employer overall. The healthier a workplace is, the more likely the employees working there will be more productive, more positive and less likely to call out of work sick or needing a mental health day off. This is a plus for employers too, and for this reason, they are interested in the promotion of better health options for the employees. Also, if people feel better, they will act better, meaning there is less of a chance for controversy or hostility in the workplace. Better health also reduces staff turnover because people who enjoy their work environment are less likely to quit their jobs and enjoy a higher level of job satisfaction.

Who wouldn’t want a happy and more productive staff? Also, employees benefit because they feel better, they are in a positive team environment and aren’t likely to get exposed to sickness. For this reason, employee wellness programs ensure that everyone wins in the long run.

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