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New Corporate Wellness program ( Dallas and Fort-Worth)

Corporate Wellness Programs

 The corporate wellness program is a valuable investment for any company.  Promoting health and employees loyalty and preventing illness can improve the productivity of employees and make companies more profitable. It can also reduce the burden of Absenteeism, hospital bills and non-productivity.   This program will be able to help companies by billing service fees to the company or employees insurance directly. This program will be helpful in early diagnosis, disease prevention and response in case of life threatening emergencies. This program covers following services.

  1. Onsite Flu shots
  2. Onsite Biometric testing
  3. Onsite TB testing
  4. Onsite CPR Training                                                                                                                                                       The professional team of Ameriimmunization is committed to providing onsite services in following cities. Their experts can design wellness program which meets the needs of the company.
  1. Dallas – Corporate wellness program
  2. Fort-Worth– Corporate wellness program
  3. Irving– Corporate wellness program
  4. Plano– Corporate wellness program
  5. Garland– Corporate wellness program
  6. Carrollton– Corporate wellness program
  7. Addison– Corporate wellness program
  8. Denton– Corporate wellness program