Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that can attack the lungs and affect a person’s breathing. When it comes to employee health and corporate wellness, TB testing may be required by employers to ensure safety in the workplace. A Tuberculin Skin Test or TST is a test that is performed in order to check if someone has been infected with the TB bacteria. Almost anyone can receive TB testing including pregnant women or those living with HIV. However, anyone who has had a severe reaction to a previous TB test is not advised to undergo another TB test. It is noted that there are no proven side effects associated with TB testing.

About TST

At Ameri Immunization & Wellness Center, we offer onsite TB testing service that is considered to be a dependable periodical or annual testing for employees. The test is easily performed: We inject a small needle with tuberculin into the skin on the lower portion of the arm. When injected, a small bump will appear after a few days following the test. The person being tested must return in a few days in order to look for a skin reaction on the person’s arm. If there is a bump or nodule, it is measured to determine its size and whether the individual tests positive for TB at that time.

A positive TST result means that someone was infected and requires additional tests to determine if they have TB disease or a latent TB infection. This can mean that the individual has the presence of the bacteria, but is not sick and cannot spread TB. A negative TST result means that the person’s body did not react to the test and most likely has a negative result.

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