Employers recognize the significance of developing employee wellness programs, because they have been shown to improve employee productivity and decrease worker absenteeism. Every business has a greater opportunity to thrive and grow if the employees are healthy, happy and productive. Employee wellness programs work by contributing to the creation of a healthy work environment. By offering health maintenance and disease preventative services such as flu vaccinations and biometric screenings, employees can avoid the risk factors associated with the development of acute and even chronic diseases. Many employees will be interested in learning more about their own personal health, and will appreciate more expert medical information on how to manage their pre-existing conditions, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

Employee Wellness Programs Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices

An employee wellness program offers information to employees on how to develop healthy lifestyle choices to increase the incidence of health both in and outside of the workplace environment. These programs are also able to educate employees regarding mental and emotional health issues as well. Employee wellness programs have been shown to have assisted many employers in their efforts to reduce staff turnover, absenteeism and overall job stressors that workers experience in the work force. Studies show that if an employee is in the peak of health, the individual will generally meet production expectations, work harder and in particular enjoy work more! That’s a win for an employer as well as for the employee. A goal of employee wellness programs is to also help employees to learn how to develop healthy lifestyle choices, which is a benefit to the families of the employees, who will be inspired to make positive changes as well. Healthy individuals making better lifestyle choices for overall improved health outcomes have been shown to contribute to an overall healthy community.

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