Ameri Immunization & Wellness Center provides a classroom, video-based and instructor-led first aid class for higher schoolers. Knowing how to help another person in an emergency with properly administered first aid is a confidence building tool for youths, and a potentially life-saving skill to have in any situation. This course teaches participants critical skills and important knowledge and information that is needed in order to respond to an emergency in the first few critical moments, such as before emergency medical services arrive on the scene to attend to a patient in need.

What You Will Learn

Some of the topics that you will learn in first aid classes includes: injury emergencies, medical emergencies, first aid basics, and environmental emergencies. As a note, CPR training is not taught in this class. As part of your first aid certification, you will learn your role as a provider of this aid. Students will learn how to recognize real emergencies, how to move someone safely and the importance of utilizing safety precautions during this time. The emergency training can include how to manage a person with severe allergic reactions, how to dispense and properly use an Epi-pen, as well as managing accidental injuries or even assisting a person suspected of having a heart attack.

In this course, participants will learn how to control bleeding, how to assess and treat injuries to the patient’s limbs, and how to work with stabilizing a patient who has suffered burns and minor injuries. Other emergencies that will be reviewed is what to do with a patient who is suspected of having cardiac arrest, how to respond when someone is having chest pains, chest discomfort, trouble breathing or shortness of breath. After completing a first aid class, each participant will be given a two-year certification at the end of the course.

Learn More From Our Expert Team Today

Ultimately, after you’ve learned this important information and have had an opportunity to practice your new first aid skills, you should know your boundaries as someone who has first aid skills, but who has not received formal medical training. While you can be important to someone who is injured or ill, you should only provide skills you were taught in first aid class to help stabilize the patient, until someone with more advanced medical treatment arrives to further professionally assess the injuries and patient situation. If you want to learn more about our first aid classes, contact Ameri Immunization & Wellness Center at 1-877-512-5442.