Employee physicals are conducted each year in order to ensure that workers are both healthy and safe while working on the job. Many jobs require employers make sure that their employees are compliant with these exams in order to improve safety protocols at the workplace. To provide employers with the most current exam standards, our professional staff works closely with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Centers for Disease Control.

Types of Physicals

There are many different types of wellness exams and job safety physicals that are available for employees to remain safe and healthy in the workplace. These physicals ensure that employees are more productive and choose healthy lifestyle choices that ensure they are at their best both inside and outside of the workplace environment. DOT physicals ensure that individuals are safe to drive for the Department of Transportation. Another example of a physical is the fit-for-duty physical which is done for firefighters, police officers and others to ensure they can safely perform their job and their fitness allows them to be as efficient and safe as possible while doing so. Pre-employment physicals are used to measure an applicant’s medical and physical ability to perform the jobs in which they apply.

Physical Requirements

Some employee physicals may include a drug screening. Other than that, physical ability tests are conducted in order to test the employee strength or stamina. This type of physical examination can include endurance tests, flexibility, balance and more. An employee’s height, weight, resting pulse, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, glucose and more can all be examined in a standard or general type of annual employer required physical.

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