Elements of the corporate wellness programs are

1. Education

2. Screening


           Education includes awareness about various health problems, their causes, prevention and to improve existing conditions. Screening provides an opportunity to identify undiagnosed conditions among employees. It is an excellent approach to help employees when they are not aware of developing or established health condition. Early diagnosis helps to cure or reduce the symptoms of the health-related conditions. Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression anxiety and some other conditions do not let employees work efficiently.

 It is not just one employee, it involves entire company’s work performance, An entire family who is being taken care by an employee. We can protect our business and employees’ families from the losses by setting wellness program in place.

Healthy team

Managing the human resources,
and thus the employee health and safety of a company, creates a safe working
environment in which employees can feel confident and at ease. The objective
behind properly managing and maintaining the employee’s’ health and safety is
to ensure for a productive workplace where people can actively participate and
take on their everyday responsibilities without having to stress or worry about
the consequences.When discussing the health and
safety of employees in their workplace, it’s important to consider all of the
factors that are attributed to an employee’s job in their workplace. Of course,
this differs per employee and per business, and the maintenance their health
and safety relies on everything and everyone they’re interacting with. Humans
can only tolerate so much, even in working environments, and an employee must
be able to perform their job normally and without any physical or mental
difficulty when in a healthy and safe working space. Production and work
processes can affect an employee’s safety, and the physical or mental state
that they’re in while working can affect their health. A safe and healthy
environment is easily obtainable by considering every employee and their
day-to-day experiences while on the job.The benefits of a healthy and
safe workforce are simple and straightforward; healthy and safe employees are
more productive which leads to higher quality work. There’s also a significant
reduction in medical and insurance costs due to the fact that a safer work
environment means less accidents and injuries. This also lowers workers’
compensation rates and payments, and the company gains a stronger reputation
when outside companies and leaders notice their productivity and success. The
consequences, however, consist of an increase in injury, disease, violence,
unnecessary costs, and the deterioration of mental health. If undetected and
untreated, these consequences can turn severe and can have a long lasting
effect on the employees, as well as the company.In a safe and healthy working
environment, employees shouldn’t be overly stressed or emotional. These people
tend to have much more on their minds aside from work, and they are easily
distracted and offended. A stressed environment creates the risk of violent employees
and unproductive processes. A stressed and unsafe environment can also mean the
presence of occupational diseases, accidents, and other workplace hazards. The
risks vary depending on the workers and the type of workplace, but occupational
diseases and workplace hazards are most likely to be exposed to workers in
chemical and oil refineries, mines, factories, hospitals, and more. Reducing
the incidence of diseases and illnesses in the workplace can easily be
accomplished through record keeping, monitoring exposure and incidents, along
with genetic screening.
While it does require a significant amount of time, effort,
and resources, creating a safe and healthy workplace is a task that every
business and organization must be able to accomplish. As long as the system
encourages for a safe environment, enforces the rules, establishes safety
awareness programs, and keeps a record of all accidents, investigations, and
incidents of diseases, an active and successful workplace can be accomplished.