Mobile health and wellness services can be performed for a variety of ways, whether with a flu vaccination, a drug screening, a TB testing or biometric screening. Corporate wellness programs perform these tests in order to ensure a healthier work environment as well as to encourage their employees to live a healthier life. They also help to ensure the workplace is safe and free of disease. Drug screening ensures that employees aren’t a risk to their fellow employees to ensure a healthy work environment for all workers in the workplace environment.

Biometric Screening

During a biometric screening for an employee wellness program, the individual’s height, weight, resting pulse, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, glucose and other health parameters will be recorded. This is used as a benchmark to show changes in the person’s overall state of health. This testing can be performed in order to help find ways to reduce healthcare costs for an employer. It also can encourage employees to work together to be more health aware and to be more responsible for their overall health.

Drug Screening

A drug screen is used to detect drugs in an individual’s blood or body. Typically, this is performed with a urine test. Depending on the panel that is used, a variety of drugs will be looked for during the drug screening. The typical drugs that are included in a 5-panel drug screen include: phencyclidine, amphetamines, opioids, cocaine and cannabinoids.

TB Testing

A TB test is performed in order to see if the tested individual has acquired the TB bacteria or has TB disease. This test is performed when a small needle with tuberculin is injected into the skin. A few days later the patient returns to allow a medical professional to look at the person’s skin to determine if there is a reaction. If there is, it is measured in order to determine whether it is a positive TST result or not. If so, additional tests are required to confirm the diagnosis of TB in the individual being tested.

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