Medical Facts and Myths About Flu Shot Vaccinations For 2021

By: Dr. Monsoor Kazi
By: Dr. Monsoor Kazi
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Why should one get a flu shot?

Well, getting an annual flu shot is the best way for protecting yourself and even your family members from seasonal influenza.

With the flu vaccination, the earlier you receive your shot the better. The flu is a contagious respiratory illness and you would need to get a good vaccination shot as there are viruses in the air more commonly this time of year than any other.

This is even more important as we approach the release of the COVID-19 virus. Both diseases can lead to cough, fever, body aches, and even diarrhea and vomiting. Sometimes they would lead to pneumonia and can even be fatal on their own.

The convergences of such two dangerous infections at the same time and during the peak of the current year’s flu season would be overwhelming for the entirety of the body and your immune system would have an even harder time fighting them off.

Being Safe With a Vaccination

Luckily, unlike the coronavirus (which is COVID -19), the flu is a familiar enemy and for that, we have a huge defense system. The flu shot is something that all Americans are urged to take this year and every year.

The vaccination for the flu would lower the chances of getting influenza risk of being hospitalized. It also helps to prevent the spread of the flu virus to others. It can soften the potential burden of the healthcare system because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This could mean that our insurance premiums don’t get raised to balance out the ongoing costs of the Coronavirus.

Myths You Need To Know About Flu Shots

The good news is that getting an annual flu shot in at Amerrimmuzation in Plano, Texas would assist people in fighting off the flu virus and living a healthier lifestyle. The bad news is that there is a whole lot of bad information and details going around about the flu vaccination.

Some of the common myths concerning flu shots are:

Flu Shots Would Lead To Flu

That is not true. As per the CDC (Center For Disease Control And Prevention), flu shots are made with viruses that have been killed or are inactivated. Also, these are made with only a single gene from the flu virus (as opposed to the full virus) for providing the best immune response without leading to any kind of infection.

It Is Better To Get Flu Rather Than The Flu Vaccine

Also, not true. What you need to realize is that the flu is a serious disease and that is especially dangerous for older adults, young children, and even people suffering from chronic health diseases like heart disease, asthma, diabetes, etc.

Additionally, even for healthy people, the flu carries the risk of serious complications that can lead to hospitalization and/or death. Nowadays, it is safer to get a vaccination rather than the risk of getting the flu and a flu shot in Plano might just be what the doctor ordered.

It Is Not Necessary to Get a Flu Shot Each Year

That is not completely true. Flu shots are needed every year. Keep in mind that an individual’s immune protection from vaccination declines over time. Also, the viruses that the vaccine protects from have not changed from the previous season meaning that an as the disease transmutates, so do our flu vaccinations.

Side Effects Of Vaccinations Are Worse Than the Actual Flu

That is hardly true. Of course, certain people would feel the mild reaction from the flu shots like swelling, site soreness, headaches, and even low-grade fever. While these symptoms may last for a day or two and then disappear without leading to any kind of further complications, the flu itself can be a deadly disease and should be protected against whenever possible.

Healthy People Don’t Need Vaccinations

That is completely untrue. As per the current CDC guidelines, it is recommended that flu vaccination should be taken each year for each individual that is older than 6 months of age, and this includes pregnant women.

It is also necessary for people that have a chronic illness to get flu shots. The honest truth is that any individual, even healthy ones benefit from getting a flu shot at Ammerimmuzation.


Make sure to receive your flu shot at Dr. Monsoor Kazi’s office in Plano, Texas as early as possible. It takes around two weeks after a flu vaccination for its antibodies to enhance the body and provide protection against flu. The CDC recommends that people get the flu vaccine as early in possible and reiterate that it is never too late to receive one.

So, call us today. This is one of the skills that we specialize in and we can assist both you and your family with receiving your vaccinations. Then schedule a flu shot for the earliest appointment we have available.