Ameri Immunization
Ameri Immunization

You Never Outgrow the Need for Vaccinations or The Flu Shot

There are always concerns regarding the need for vaccinations. What makes it better? Such discussions on the need for immediate vaccination can be found in most of the phone conversations surrounding the need for those who have to get vaccinated.


Well, the short, correct answer would be that everyone needs to get vaccinated and these even include young and healthy adults. As per the CDC (Center for Disease Control), it is estimated that one out of ten people gets the flu each year.


Of course, we try to protect ourselves through routine health decisions at work and even keeping our kids safe. The seasonal flu and new virus would somehow find their way. So, the best way to protect our children and other from influenza and other diseases like the COVID-19 would be through immunization.


Getting A Flu Shot Is A Healthy Practice

Your life becomes secure and easy through a flu shot. Not only do you get protection from flu, but also you may prevent the flu from spreading to others. Guard against dangerous illnesses with a nasal spray or a simple-to-administer needle injection. The “flu” is not as simple as the common cold.

You can also catch the flu. A simple flu vaccine could do wonders for strengthening your immune system against the disease and preventing it from taking hold. While doctors warn that the flu vaccine is not a cure-all, it’s an important preventative measure that should be taken every year.

So, How Does The Flu Vaccination Work?


Do you know that getting vaccinated for the flu is safe? Also, it’s an effective and highly recommended method to prevent flu illnesses. The vaccine can make your body create antibodies for various strains of the influenza virus. These antibodies can now protect your body against infection when you get sick.


There are multiple strains of the flu virus. They would often mutate and change. Keep in mind that the annual flu vaccine changes each season. Nowadays, the annual flu vaccine is altered each year to meet up with the three strains of the virus. According to researchers, that could be amongst the main strains occurring for the upcoming flu season.


Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Annual Flu Shot:


The Flu Is More Serious then You May Realize


Are you aware that, according to the Center for Disease Control, around 200,000 individuals in the US are hospitalized (on average) each year? This is due to illnesses such as the flu. A flu pandemic is an event that can have a devastating effect on your business.


Sometimes a certain group of adults would be at a higher risk of suffering from illness. Some people may stress over getting ill, increasing the risk of complications like the flu or some other disease. Others who should be wary are:


  • Adults at 65 and more
  • People suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma
  • People having heart disease and ones who had a stroke.
  • People suffering from AIDS, HIV, etc.
  • Pregnant women

Flu Vaccination Is the Best Way For Preventing All Kinds Of Illness Caused By Influenza Viruses



The CDC estimates that flu vaccines can reduce a person’s risk of severe complications and hospitalizations by about 60%. That would reduce the requirement of going to the doctor by about 60%. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the flu vaccines would be varying from year to year. The CDC also states that every individual’s vaccine recommendations are different, based on a variety of factors.


People Who Should Not Get the Flu Vaccination



Sometimes you feel sick, but it’s hard to know what treatment is best. This is where your doctor can help. Pain, fever, and other symptoms aren’t always enough to determine the cause of illness. Your doctor can perform a physical exam and conduct some tests. He or she may also recommend a vaccination if warranted.


Certain people won’t be eligible for the flu vaccination. These include:


  • People having an extreme reaction to the flu vaccination in the past.
  • Infants under the age of six months old
  • People having the Guillain-Barre syndrome. That would lead to weakness and paralysis.



Risk of Vaccinations Are Less Severe Than the Risk Of Skipping Them


Similar to many kinds of medication, there are certain risks associated with vaccines. They are generally safe to use, but, like any kind of medication, they carry certain risks. Some of the most serious side effects could be delayed and should be monitored for safety.


Keep in mind that staying un- immunized can have serious consequences. In fact, it could leave you vulnerable to potential life-threatening infections such as measles. So why not make sure to vaccinate your loved ones this year? Remember, the benefits are much greater than the risks.


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