Biometric Screening

Ameri Immunization & Wellness Center offers biometric screening, which utilizes biometric testing as a component of a corporate wellness programs. In this context, it is noted that most health care costs are attributed to chronic illnesses that can be prevented with awareness and better personal health and lifestyle choices in place. For this reason, biometric […]

Understanding TB Testing

Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that can attack the lungs and affect a person’s breathing. When it comes to employee health and corporate wellness, TB testing may be required by employers to ensure safety in the workplace. A Tuberculin Skin Test or TST is a test that is performed in order to check if someone […]

Employee Wellness Programs Improve Overall Health of Workers

Employers recognize the significance of developing employee wellness programs, because they have been shown to improve employee productivity and decrease worker absenteeism. Every business has a greater opportunity to thrive and grow if the employees are healthy, happy and productive. Employee wellness programs work by contributing to the creation of a healthy work environment. By […]

How COVID-19 Vaccine Has Changed The Medical Game for 2021

Currently, the hottest topic around is COVID-19 and the need for a new vaccine for curing this disease.

This has a huge impact on both human health and global economies. The disease has caught many people by surprise and there aren’t any signs of it disappearing any time soon…..

Medical Facts and Myths About Flu Shot Vaccinations For 2021

Share on facebook SHARE POST Share on twitter TWEET POST Share on pinterest PIN IMAGE Share on linkedin SHARE POST Share on whatsapp SHARE POST Why should one get a flu shot? Well, getting an annual flu shot is the best way for protecting yourself and even your family members from seasonal influenza. With the […]

You Never Outgrow the Need for Vaccinations or The Flu Shot

You Never Outgrow the Need for Vaccinations or The Flu Shot There are always concerns regarding the need for vaccinations. What makes it better? Such discussions on the need for immediate vaccination can be found in most of the phone conversations surrounding the need for those who have to get vaccinated.   Well, the short, […]